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Ironclad Investments is an active investment management firm, structured to deliver outcomes for investors seeking to enhance the returns on their portfolios. We believe we embody the best of alternative and traditional asset management.

We help our clients achieve their ambitions by aligning our services with their businesses and investments. Integrity, excellence and experience are at the heart of everything that Ironclad Investments does.

We are headquarted in Nottingham, where our team runs operations for clients globally. 

Our growth strategy is being delivered by our highly experienced team, to create a compelling offer for current and future clients. 

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Ironclad Investments offers flexible, cost effective solutions to form the building blocks for our clients and their businesses. 

We are a quantitative and systematic asset management firm applying a scientific approach to finance with the aim to develop alternative investment strategies that create value for our clients. 

Our systematic strategies seek to maximize risk-adjusted returns by trading a portfolio of G8 currencies (plus gold and silver) on the spot market. Our parsimonious model extracts highly predictive trading signals from an order-flow of FX transactions by Institutional funds. Signals are then aggregated into larger trading blocks and positions are executed with global forex liquidity providers.  


  • Uncorrelated returns vs typical institutional stock/bond allocations. 

  • Real FX expertise in an area where few consistently add to returns. 

  • Transparency. Feeding live positions into your risk management APIs.

  • Systematic process returns do have some predictive qualities

  • Big picture. Not exposed to today's asset valuation concerns


Our aim is to deliver competitive and sustainable rates of returns, adding value for shareholder while ensuring continuous success in the world's rapidly evolving currency markets.


Our long term strategy enables our sights to be set firmly on providing consistent performance, thereby ensuring the preservation and growth of investors capital. Our strategies include:

  • Value forecasting

  • Return forecasting

  • Swing trading 

  • Hedging


Ironclad Investments was established to meet the needs of high-net-worth individuals, collective investment schemes, well informed investors and both professional and institutional investors seeking access to high-performing managed funds.