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Our objective is to provide our clients with a solution that is adapted to their specific needs in terms of expected returns, risk tolerance, future liquidity requirements and potential tax and legal restrictions.

We select a risk profile that best suits our clients specific objectives. Through a rigorous investment process, our investment committee then decides on an asset allocation that takes into account various variables like the liquidity of the investment vehicles and the diversification in terms of regions, sectors and currencies. Combined with a rigorous macroeconomic and graphic analysis, we then create a portfolio that will achieve the best performance at a given volatility.

We select the best investment vehicles among the world’s leading banks and financial institutions, offering a true open architecture platform to our clients. 

We use the resources of our research team, combined with a unique in-house portfolio management and risk analysis tool, we are able to provide superior risk-adjusted returns to our clients.

Ironclad Investments has created a suite of asset management solutions specifically for clients who:

  • Are not satisfied with deposit rates;

  • Looking for lower administrative costs and higher returns than their pension fund, asset or portfolio manager;

  • Have no time to monitor markets and keep a close eye on their savings.

Our customised individual solutions offer profitable and successful investments. Start growing your investments with us today!

We all aspire to have financial freedom. One of the ways to reach this goal is to develop a long-term savings plan. Ironclad Investments can help you with this. We offer clear, secure and profitable investment solutions. One of the reasons why we succeed is our individual approach to interests and wishes of each Customer. 

Ironclad Investments offers one-stop, multi - asset class wealth management services, bringing together trading experience and market expertise, full control of risks and costs, as well as clarity and transparency. 

Comparing to traditional methods of wealth accumulation, Ironclad Investments offers you modern and effective approach to preservation and multiplication of your capital. 

The benefits of investment portfolio management with Ironclad Investments are:

  • Cost-conscious: low commission fees;

  • Transparant: daily statements of the investment portfolio value;

  • Affordable: low starting threshold.

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