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Hand crafted solutions created just for you.

Investors with a significant amount of assets simply want an extra pair of hands to give their portfolio an extra push.

Ironclad Investments offers asset management services to our clients looking for assistance growing their assets, creating a balanced portfolio, or whatever their long and short term goals are.

Our services:

Asset management services include portfolio management and personal financial planning.

· Financial planning involves many different factors like tax optimisation to asset protection.
· Each individual’s planning journey will be different.
· There is no perfect asset management strategy that is going to work across the board.

Alternative investments

Diversification and hedging for investors with portfolios with different asset classes. Alternative investments are any asset class that falls outside traditional asset classes, such as stocks and bonds.

Foreign exchange market

The forex, or the spot foreign exchange market is the platform for trading in different currencies that offer a wider variety of currency pairs.The same way a stock market provides a platform to buy and sell stocks.

In the forex market, you would borrow one currency in order to buy another and close the transaction for profit or loss later. A profit occurs when the currency that was purchased increases in value compared to the currency used to buy it.

The forex markets are in operation 24 hours a day and 5 days a week, allowing investors and traders a lot of freedom. Trading on margin is allowed in this market. This allows participants to increase investment amounts without having capital.

It is advised that those looking to get involved in forex should gain some basic knowledge of the market.

With the help of Ironclad Investments, you can protect you or your company with foreign exchanges. Build your own currency portfolio and grow an alternative source of income. Feel secure with professional advice and best in-class, secure execution with our partner banks.

Managed accounts 

Managed accounts are accounts on which Ironclad Investments has full discretion to manage the assets according to a pre-agreed risk profile. Clients with managed accounts delegate the day-to-day investment decisions to Ironclad Investments.

Ironclad Investments has a limited power of attorney on the account, with the authority to manage the assets but not wire cash or securities out of the account. After a thorough analysis of our clients’ financial situation that will include an assessment of the risk profile, Ironclad Investments will set up an individually structured investment portfolio that will be consistent with our clients’ expected return and risk tolerance.

Our most successful programs:

· Conservative (max. 15% of equity)
· Balanced (max. 40% of equity)
· Capital Appreciation (max. 60% of equity)

Clients who have managed accounts with Ironclad Investments are typically professional business people who do not wish to get involved in the day-to-day investment decision process and believe in the long-term risk-adjusted returns we have been able to achieve.

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