How to find your dream job.

There are 3 elements to the perfect job and if your current situation doesn’t include all 3 of then I would suggest looking for a different job or finding a way to fill that void if you want to be truly happy.

First of all, let’s talk about the assumption of success being materialistic, this comes from people who generally have not amassed wealth or are not financially educated. There is a big difference between wealthy and rich, typically those who have fancy cars or other expensive material items are attempting to create an image of success without truly being successful or wealthy.

I understand that some people need to keep a certain image due to their job etc but in general bad spending habits can hinder someone’s journey to creating wealth. Things such as expensive clothes and expensive cars are bad investments. This boils down to a person’s priorities – would you rather have an expensive outfit and car in a beat-up house or a standard car and outfit in a nicer house?

There are 2 steps of wealth creation, Yep only 2. Write these down.

Step #1: Spend less than you make. This will generate a surplus and you will have extra money. What can you do with this extra money? You could pay off debt to get yourself out of a hole or invest it into your future. Control your spending habits and prioritise where you allocate your money.

Step #2: Invest. By doing this your money starts to work for you as if you’ve gained a second job and you will begin to accumulate wealth. You are generating a second source of income which is no longer dependant on your time.

Wealth is measured by time and what I mean by this is If you quit your job right now how long could you survive? If your answer is 1 month, 2 months or 2 years it means you are 1-month wealthy, 2 months wealthy or 2 years wealthy. The ideal amount of wealth is when your investments are providing you with enough income that you do not need to work.

The idea being, however, is that you should want to work and not quit your job, and this takes us back to our topic of how to find your dream job. I know the ideal situation is that you would retire and travel the world and never work – but you should want to work. The key is to have a job that rewards you, fulfils you and makes you happy.

So, if you are in a position where you feel unfulfilled, unrewarded or in something that is unethical you need to change something. In some cases, you may have 1 or 2 of these 3 but without all 3 combined you cannot be truly happy. Take the mafia for example; they operate like a fortune 500 company, full of fulfilment and reward yet unethical – poisoning, murder etc. This cannot provide true happiness.

If you are stuck in the same old routine 9-5 job, you may have a good reward for your time but it’s still easy to feel unhappy and unfulfilled with your situation and there’s nothing worse than being stuck in a job that you hate. You need to determine what will fulfil you, whether it is feeling like you are making a positive impact in the world by providing value for people in certain communities or helping other people achieve their dreams i.e. mentoring, volunteering or coaching. It could be to leave behind a legacy and provide value for future generations to help and support their ambitions. This will be different for each individual and you need to identify what you are passionate about and will make you feel fulfilled. This also could be something you’re good/skilled at or a cause you feel for. These days everything can be monetised – there’s always someone that will pay you to do something for them or make their life’s easier.

Take myself for example; before getting into trading I was working 2 jobs working 60+ hours a week. I was being rewarded for my time and building my wealth by saving money and living within my means, but I was very unhappy. I decided to make a change and create a goal of becoming financially stable, have freedom of time and not sacrifice time for money.

I began to teach myself how to trade, losing money at the time but replacing the lost capital through my 2 wages.

Eventually, I became very passionate about trading and realised this is what I wanted to do. However, I was not making enough money and thus not rewarded enough and couldn’t make trading my dream job. As time went by I had the idea to offer my services to others, creating a successful money management business allowing me to finally achieve my goals and dream job, although I am not as wealthy as I wish to be yet, I am happy with my current situation and you can be too.

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