Stop comparing yourself to others!

Centuries ago, horsemen invented blinders to keep their horses focused on their work. Blinders are pieces of leather attached to the horse’s bridle that prevent them from seeing anything except what’s in front of them.

Without blinders, a horse can be easily spooked by movement or objects it doesn’t recognize. By having fewer distractions, the horse is more dependable and is better focused on getting the job done.

In the modern, competitive world, it is very easy to compare yourself to others and gauge your success based on how people around you are doing. As a trader, I found that whenever I started comparing my trading performance with other Forex traders, my performance would usually worsen. And this "distraction" would effect my trading balance and my ego.

If you are spending too much time on social media checking out your friends who seem to always be on holiday or buying fancy cars, you could find yourself feeling jealous or miserable because you're not 'living the life'.

First of all, most of the time you don't know the true cost of portraying these images on social media and if the individuals are getting themselves into debt or their parents are paying for these experiences/items etc. People will go to great lengths to look successful. So, why should you feel jealousy?

My point is, comparing yourself to others is useless. Doing so will make you frustrated and distract you in forging your own path to success. You shouldn't allow your inner self-worth and feelings of success in life be effected by the actions of others.

People who achieve great things don't care what others are doing.

Focus only on you because only you can improve your skills and what works for others may not necessarily work for you. We all have our own learning curves. Take your time to hone your craft. Don't cut corners because you want to look good to others.

To maintain motivation, reflect on how far you are along your journey, your accomplishments and what you would like to achieve in the future. Stop thinking that you are in a race against everyone to an imaginary finishing line. Work independently to achieve great things instead of basing your success on how others are doing. It's important to have your own goals and targets to work towards.

Run your own race and finish at your own pace.

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