Turn your pain into motivation.

Rejection is the most common wound we face in our life’s and usually when our self-esteem is at its lowest, we tend to go and damage it further. Due to social media each of us can be connected to thousands of people instantly any of whom can ignore us through pictures, posts, texts, or dating profiles and making us feel rejected.

In addition to these kinds of minor rejections there are more serious ones such as being left by your partner, left out by your friends or ostracised by your family. The pain we feel can be paralysing. Regardless if the experience is big or small, there’s one thing in common – it always hurts and usually more than we expect.

In the business world, the feeling of rejection is inevitable at some point in your career – There’s always going to be someone doubting you or telling you to do the opposite. It is very important to develop a tough attitude towards this kind of negativity and I’m not saying don’t take criticism on board, but a lot of the time because people fear leaving their comfort zone, when they see you doing that they can fear for you too. They can have the best intentions in their heart - they don’t want you to struggle or make any mistakes – but what do we do with our mistakes? We learn from them.

When I first started to explore trading, I knew that it could change my life and although I had no experience, I had a vision. I created a step by step plan and created smaller goals to push me in the right direction. Eventually, when I had enough courage to tell my family that I would be pursuing this career path they told me it was ridiculous and not a proper job. The fact that they doubted and didn’t believe in me fuelled my hunger and motivated me further to prove them wrong and create my own success.

In the trading world we use the term “you are only as good as your next trade” which basically means don’t live in the past. If you’ve made mistakes, what are you going to do? Don’t look back and dwell on them, it will only damage you further. We are emotional animals we can’t live our lives without feeling pain – who ever has hurt you or made you feel rejected prove them wrong by getting out of your comfort zone, not following the norm and be the best version of yourself possible. By creating positivity, positive things will happen to you. Use your pain as a way of proving everyone wrong.

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