You're not lazy you're just not motivated

If you stayed doing the same routine for 5-10 years what would your life be like? You may not achieve your lifelong goals or become the person that you want to be. These kinds of hypotheticals can train you to look into the future and to consider how your current priorities will evolve over time, realizing you’re not on the right path can motivate you to correct bad habits and make lasting changes to lifestyle.

The biggest reason for laziness is a lack of goal or ambition. A clear-cut direction or goal is important to keep ourselves active all the time.

Laziness is defined as not doing something you’re supposed to be doing, despite having the ability to do it. Once laziness starts to creep in it can grab a hold of you and keep you as captive. By tolerating and entertaining laziness, it can become a part of who you are. The first steps to defeat laziness is understanding the main causes.

Procrastination Laziness should not be confounded with procrastination or idleness, but it can usually be bred from postponing something that needs to be done. It might not be urgent now so it can be left for another day, but when that day comes the task is much larger and therefor unlikely to get done. Procrastination only makes jobs harder. To combat this, if something can be done now – then do it! If it requires more time, then allocate some from your schedule to get the task done. Distractions

Today’s lifestyle tends to have us busy from dawn till dusk and we hardly have time to think clearly and plan for our future. When working, do you find your mind wonder to unnecessary things? You’re distracted and for whatever reason that’s affecting your productivity. The most common causes are social media, friends, TV and gaming. I’m not saying don’t have a social life but have your responsibilities and self-development as priority. By completing tasks first, you can enjoy your down time without feeling guilty and enjoy yourself more.


Motivation fuels you to do whatever needs to be done and in good time. If you love your job, then you will be motivated to get things done correctly. If you you’re not motivated, you will always find reasons as to why you cannot get things done.

Some people, especially those that are stuck in dead end jobs, find all manner of reasons to explain their lack of performance. Such people never get things done and the more stuck they feel the lazier they become. Finding value

Often, even when people change their mindset, because they don’t see the value in their work, they may become unproductive because nothing they do is worth their time. A technique to get around this is when creating new jobs or habits – write down all the reasons why it will be a healthy addition to your life, this will remind you that it will have a positive impact to your life and help to grind through the process.

Although laziness is a big problem, it doesn’t matter how long it’s been part of your life – it can be eliminated. When laziness starts to creep in, stop and evaluate why – is it due to poor nutrition, lack of energy or are you just unmotivated. Determining why your laziness occurs can help to combat it. Get organized - creating lists and schedules are very efficient tools to help you get tasks done.

Odds are that because you’ve read this far, you’re not lazy. A lazy person wouldn’t be interested in improving their life. A healthy habit I got into was, and I recommend it to you - writing 3 things down every evening that you want to get done the following day and if you’re struggling to complete the tasks, then give yourself a reward for completing the first one of the day. For example, no social media until at least one of the tasks on your list are complete.

Motivation isn’t something that will find you – you must find it. You need to do things to create motivation.

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